Alternative Fuels

The modal shift offers up to a 76% reduction in carbon emissions over road per tonne carried. We can offer our customers the chance to further drastically cut carbon emissions associated with transporting goods and materials, using a part-recycled low-emissions alternative to diesel fuel.

Following vigorous testing, including tests on some of our heaviest freight trains on the network, we are able to offer an alternative fuel which can substitute diesel, without the loss of power, with hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO).


HVO offers a 92% cut in CO₂ equivalent emissions over diesel. Air quality benefits of HVO over conventional fuel, show that communities beside rail routes would be exposed to 14% fewer oxides of nitrogen (NOₓ), 18% less ultrafine particulates, and 12% less Carbon Dioxide (CO₂) for every HVO-fuelled train. HVO defined as renewable, environmentally friendly, biodegradable, and sustainable. Its supply chain is traceable and independently verified.


Freightliner can now offer customers 100% HVO traction, multiplying the existing environmental benefits of rail over road transport, reducing carbon emissions and seeing an improvement in air quality associated with moving goods.


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