Our journey to Net Zero couldn't be more important and with businesses now required to report their annual carbon emissions, we have developed two tools to help your business make this process easy.

Rail Energy and Emissions Calculator

In collaboration with Hull University and with the aid of First of a Kind (FOAK) funding, Freightliner has developed a tool that can generate accurate carbon emissions data for any train configuration on any rail route in the UK.  This tool is called the Rail Energy and Emissions Calculator.


The Rail Energy and Emissions Calculator can bring benefits by:

  • Optimising route planning based on the lowest carbon emission impact
  • Modelling carbon savings of modal shift from road to rail or diesel traction to alternative fuel/electric traction.
  • Providing resource savings through automation of the current manual process


This tool is also invaluable in helping Freightliner and external parties identify more carbon efficient routes and fuel options across the rail network. It can be used to analyse the carbon reduction impact of different network electrification options, supporting the Department for Transport’s 2021 Decarbonisation Plan, unlocking substantial carbon reductions, and bringing air quality benefits.



Freightliner recognises the importance of our customers’ need for accurate Scope 3 data for reporting upstream transportation and distribution carbon emissions. To support this, Freightliner has developed a tool to allow its customers to monitor and report their rail freight-related scope 3 emissions.

The data provided meets current UK government guidelines for external reporting, is fuel based, and can be provided for all rail freight use in any period or an individual journey. The data can be reported in a format to meet customers’ internal needs.


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