Security Policy Statement

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Our strategy is to be our customer’s first choice in lntermodal Logistics and Heavy Haul solutions always operating with industry-leading levels of safety, sustainability, reliability, customer service and being a great place to work.

Within G&W UK companies, we are committed to protecting our people, property, information, and customer assets from potential threats through, maintaining appropriate security management processes in line with legal and industry requirements and seeking new and innovative approaches, we aim to continually improve our physical and personal security controls to enhance our business performance.

We are committed to:

-Compliance with all legal and other relevant security standards and

-Ensure the personal security of all employees and those effected by our

-Incident prevention being our

-Ensure privacy and high standards of personal and commercial data

-Ensure appropriate emergency preparedness and business continuity plans are in

-Develop and deliver appropriate personal and physical security training to enhance the knowledge and skills of our colleagues.

-Security measures and procedures are subject to regular inspections and validations to maintain high standards across all Freightliner operations.

-All Incidents, including security breaches and irregularities are reported and recorded with appropriate corrective actions taken.

-Engage with our customers and supply chain to influence their security.

The G&W UK Executive Team is responsible for this policy and its implementation. We commit to providing the relevant resource and to reviewing this policy annually and communicating it within the organisation and to external interested parties.

Tim Shoveller (Chief Executive Officer)

August 2023

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