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Coal Haulage by rail

Coal Transportation

Freightliner provides coal haulage services for the UK’s leading electricity generation companies and industrial coal customers.

Since entering the coal market in December 2000, Freightliner has hauled over 165 million tonnes of coal, with services operating from import terminals, opencast sites and collieries to power stations and industrial coal customers nationwide.

Why choose Freightliner?

  • By delivering reliable equipment, careful planning and efficient communications, we can create bespoke coal transportation solutions to meet our customers’ requirements.
  • We offer a coordinated approach – transporting biomass, pulverised fuel ash and limestone from the flue gas desulfurization process for the aggregates industry.
  • We operate over 12,000 coal trains per year with a dedicated planning and control team based in Ferrybridge.
  • We provide direct communications from drivers and traffic control to our customers to provide real time updates.
  • Working with industry and supply chain partners enables us to innovate and develop practices and products to increase efficiency and productivity for our customers.

Operating a fleet of 415 HHA and 219 HXA wagons, with track-friendly bogies, reduces the wear and tear on rail infrastructure and causes fewer vibrations and noise issues. These state-of-the-art coal wagons are complemented by our fleet of PowerHaul locomotives allowing us to haul longer, heavier loads with greater fuel efficiency and therefore increase network utilisation and reduce carbon emissions.

We are one of the UK’s leading coal transportation companies and offer cost-effective solutions to coal haulage with a reasonable coal transportation cost per ton.


Coal fleet

  • Wagon


    Description: Coal Hopper
    Fleet: 65
    Tare Weight (Tonnes): 27 tonnes
    Carrying Capacity (Tonnes): 74.5 tonnes
    Length over buffers: 19.1 metres

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