Freightliner is Pleased to Confirm its Support for DP World’s Modal Shift Programme

Aerial view of Freightliner Southampton terminal.

12th June 2023, Southampton

Ahead of Multimodal 2023 in Birmingham, Freightliner, the largest intermodal rail logistics operator in the UK, is pleased to confirm its support for DP World’s Modal Shift Programme, which is to commence in September 2023.

Modal shift from road to rail is vital for greener, more sustainable supply chains. DP World’s Modal Shift Programme recognises this, potentially playing an important role in reducing congestion on some of Britain’s busiest motorways and in doing so, reducing carbon emissions and improving local air quality. At Freightliner we are committed to driving modal shift and the launch of our Intermodal Logistics division is a key part of simplifying our service for customers by combining our rail, our terminals and our road offerings.
The Modal Shift Programme announced by DP World should be equally important, as it seeks to address the economic challenge that rail freight faces in securing this modal shift from road. Modal shift to rail will be crucial to support the UK’s journey to net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Rail is the most sustainable mode of transporting freight around the country. Each intermodal freight service can remove the equivalent of 52 HVGs[1] off our roads, with an average diesel-hauled freight service producing up to 76% less CO₂ emissions per tonne than road transport.
With up to 10 daily roundtrip trains to all corners of Great Britain, Freightliner offers the most services to and from the Port of Southampton and our Intermodal Logistics division means that we can provide a full end-to-end service for our customers.

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[1] Source: Rail Partners, Freight Expectations March 2023