Meet Our People

“I realised my dream of becoming a train driver during my work experience on the railway as a teenager. Initially, my goal was to become a signaller, but after gaining insight into the career options within the rail industry, I came out of the experience wanting to become a train driver. Thanks to Freightliner Heavy Haul, my dream is becoming a reality.

The variation in working days, travelling up and down the country, visiting unusual locations, ports, terminals and customer yards really appealed to me.

Compared to passenger services, working in the freight sector provides a wider knowledge of the UK rail infrastructure. You’ll also face a lot more challenges in freight, which keeps things interesting.

What I’m looking forward to the most, is the view from my office, which will change from one minute to the next.”

Trainee Driver, Emma Conroy

“I started on Freightliner’s graduate driver scheme three and a half years ago and am now fully qualified, driving intermodal trains along the Birmingham, Nuneaton, Coventry, Bristol, Cardiff and Barry Island route.  Work-life balance is very important to me and the four-day week, limited weekend work and good holiday entitlement allows me to spend more time with my kids.”

-Train Driver, Travis Richardson

“I joined Freightliner in 2014 on a trainee driver graduate course, following a 17 year career in passenger rail services. I opted for a position at Freightliner, as I was keen to experience the freight side of the industry and felt I knew all that was entailed on the passenger side.

Stepping into a male dominated industry didn’t faze me as I used to be a retained firefighter. I had to prove myself, but my Freightliner colleagues have been very supportive and have welcomed me into the driver team.

No two days are ever the same for me – one day I could be undertaking shunt jobs in the yard, working closely with the team, and another day I could be doing a 12 hour shift on my own. However, that suits me; after 17 years working with the general public, it makes a nice change to work alone and fortunately, I enjoy my own company!”

-Train Driver, Karen Walton

“I began my career with Freightliner in 2008 as a Train Driver, becoming a Mentor Driver a few years later. In 2014 I was promoted to Driver Team Leader, carrying  out assessments on trainee and qualified drivers, whilst assisting in project management. Then, following a rigorous interview and selection process, I was promoted to Production Manager In 2017.

Since becoming a Production Manager I have seen a very different side of the business. While rising through the ranks has been a learning curve, I  have embraced and enjoyed the opportunity, gaining professional and personal satisfaction throughout my development. Furthermore, there’s nothing I enjoy more than being a part of a team.”

-Production Manager, Nick Rush