Leeds Terminal


achievement, on average, of target turnaround times last month

Freightliner Ltd’s Leeds Terminal is one of the busiest inland intermodal container terminals in the UK.

The facility is supported by two overhead gantry cranes and five mobile lifting machines that are complemented by a fleet of road vehicles, including 49 HGV wagons and 103 trailers.

The terminal is located in the heart of Leeds Industrial Zone with close proximity to the city centre and the major industrial markets of Yorkshire and the North East. Services are run to and from each of the major ports.

Freightliner’s Leeds Terminal handles a high volume of operations and aims to provide a high level of service and customer satisfaction. It has a dedicated work force and skilled engineering team and customer service is at the core of the team’s thinking and philosophy.

Site size: 11 acres
Storage capacity: 350 TEU Laden and 750 TEU Empty
Opening hours: 06:00 Monday – 12:oopm Saturday
Daily services to/from each of the key ports:
Felixstowe: 2 import/export services
Southampton: 3 import/export services
London Gateway: 1 import/export services