Coatbridge Terminal


achievement, on average, of target turnaround times last month

Freightliner’s Coatbridge Terminal is located on the Motherwell to Inverness main line situated between Edinburgh and Glasgow.  This pivotal location means it is a natural hub for intra-Scotland rail moves, further enhanced by its location close to major RDCs, key Scottish exporters and principal road haulage hubs.

The Coatbridge Terminal has eight rail sidings with six rails under the cranes. There are two rail areas, each with three rail sidings and served by two overhead gantry cranes.

The additional two rail sidings accommodate shunting and hold repair wagons.

All rail sidings have AC electric overhead line access.

Site size: 20 acres
Storage capacity: 250 TEU laden and 1600 TEU empty
Opening hours: 06:00 Monday – 12:00 Saturday. Occasional opening on Sunday (by special request only)

Daily services to/from each of the key ports:
Felixstowe: 1 import/export service
Southampton: 2 import/export services
London Gateway: 1 import/export service

There is also a service to and from Liverpool daily.

In addition to Freightliner services, Coatbridge Terminal also currently handles three services per day to and from Daventry/ Purfleet for Direct Rail Services Ltd.

Every Freightliner site has 24 hour security including CCTV.