Careers in the UK and the Middle East

Freightliner’s head office is in London, United Kingdom, but the majority of our employees are based in various locations nationwide. Four of Freightliner’s six subsidiaries are UK based. Freightliner also operates in the Middle East as part of a UK consortium.

Other Vacancies within Freightliner

Engineering Technician, Grade A, Freightliner Ltd

Location: Ipswich Closing Date: TBC

Roster Clerk, Freightliner Ltd

Location: Crewe, Ferrybridge Closing Date: TBC

Engineering Technician - Grade A, Freightliner Ltd

Location: Southampton Closing Date: TBC

Materials Controller x 2, Freightliner Maintenance

Location: Leeds VMF Closing Date: TBC

Production Support Engineer, Freightliner Maintenance

Location: Southampton OR Manchester Guidebridge Closing Date: TBC

HR Advisor, Freightliner Heavy Haul

Location: Crewe Closing Date: 19th December 2018

Materials Controller, Freightliner Maintenance

Location: Leeds Closing Date: TBC

Train Drivers – Various in UK, Freightliner Heavy Haul

Location: Doncaster, Sandiacre, Bristol, Crewe, Reading, Guidebridge, Thamesport, Peterborough, Wembley, Eastleigh, Peterborough, Cardiff Closing Date: TBC

Train Drivers – Various in UK, Freightliner Ltd

Location: Crewe, Eastleigh, Ipswich, Mossend, Doncaster Closing Date: TBC

Alcohol & Drugs Policy

This statement sets out Freightliner’s policy in respect of any employee, agency temp or contractor, whose performance of their duties may be impaired, as a result of drinking alcohol or taking drugs.
It is supported by the Company Alcohol and Drugs Standard (PSD/0802) and ensures compliance with our Railway Safety Certificate service.

Equal Opportunities Policy & Anti Harassment Policy

Freightliner is committed to equal opportunities and opposes any form of unlawful or unfair, direct or indirect discrimination or harassment to its employees or job applicants, on racial, sexual grounds or on the grounds of disability, religious belief, age, or for any other unjust reason.

It is Freightliner policy that no employee should fear discrimination or harassment from fellow employees at work. All employees are therefore required to treat all of their colleagues with due respect and consideration.