Corporate Social Responsibility

Freightliner has become renowned for setting high standards across the rail freight industry, and believes it is important to give something back to the communities and environment in which we operate.

Our core business of moving freight by rail has been proven to be more environmentally friendly than the road alternative by reducing carbon emissions and road congestion. On an average month Freightliner replaces 50,000 journeys and saves thousands of tonnes of CO2.

Recycling and waste management systems in place at all of our locations continue to lower our impact on the environment.


Freightliner is a supporter of many charities both locally and nationwide.

With so many worthy causes, Freightliner decided to let its employees nominate charities which they felt deserved a donation. This scheme – now going into its 6th year – allows a number of charities to receive a donation of £1,000. In addition, Freightliner is a founding member of the Port Community Fund.


Recent charities