About Us

Freightliner Group is a leading rail freight provider with businesses in the United Kingdom, Continental Europe and the Middle East.

Having provided rail solutions for some of the largest blue chip organisations, we have established ourselves as a leader within the rail freight industry; setting standards, introducing new thought processes and industry firsts.

Who we are

Rail – Intermodal

Freightliner is the leading UK intermodal rail freight operator for transportation of maritime containers by rail in the UK. With a comprehensive network offering, and provision of local delivery with our own road fleet we can provide either the complete logistics package or trunk rail moves.

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Rail – Bulk

As a leading UK bulk rail freight company, Freightliner has set new standards of reliability, flexibility and customer service whilst continuing to invest in innovative solutions for customers’ business needs.

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Freightliner Maintenance

Established in 2006, Freightliner Maintenance offer a totally flexible package with proven delivery levels; working in partnership with our customers to promote better opportunities for both businesses, and improving the reliability and availability of our customer assets whilst striving for improvements and cost efficiencies.

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Freightliner PL/DE

Freightliner PL/DE is an innovative and dynamic company with a focus on customer service standards, reliability and efficiency.

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Freightliner Australia Freightliner Australia G Class locomotive

Providing an alternative model of operations focused on service quality, Freightliner Australia prides itself on reliability, integrity, safety and excellence.

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What We Do

Maersk - 100,000 record

Over time, Freightliner has built a reputation for service, quality, reliability, customer service and innovation. We pride ourselves on providing a service that is best suited to our customers, by operating logistically sound routes and implementing first-rate work processes.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Class 66 (7)

Freightliner believes it is important to give something back to the communities and environment in which we operate.

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Freightliner works with a number of industry bodies to raise awareness of our campaign to transport more freight by rail.

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Our history


Freightliner acquired by Genesee & Wyoming Inc.


Freightliner acquires ERS Railways


Freightliner launch the PowerHaul locomotive


Freightliner Australia commences service


Arcapita take ownership of Freightliner Group Limited and all subsidiaries.


Freightliner Poland commences service.


Freightliner Maintenance established at Midland Road, Leeds.


Freightliner’s 100th locomotive arrives.


Freightliner launches Logico.


After only 25 months of operating coal trains, Heavy Haul is responsible for almost 25% of UK coal movement.


Freightliner signs historic ten-year contract with OOCL; the longest contract between a global transportation and logistics provider in history.


Freightliner Heavy Haul operates its first revenue earning coal train.


Freightliner announces the signing of a five-year track access agreement.


Freightliner Heavy Haul was established.


Freightliner accepts its first Class 66 loco from General Motors.


Freightliner was privatised through a management buyout and became part of the operating company Freightliner Limited, which is now the intermodal business.


Freightliner celebrates its first 30 years.


Freightliner was incorporated into Railfreight Distribution.


Freightliner was transferred to the British Rail Board from NFC by the 1976 Transport Act.


Rapid growth in network terminals in major UK cities and ports and continual business development cumulated in the millionth container being transported.


Freightliner Limited became a stand alone company as part of the 1968 Transport Act with a 51% shareholding vested in the National Freight Corporation.


Our first train ran from London to Scotland launching Freightliner as a contender in the intermodal haulage market, as an operating company of British Rail.