Safety & Sustainability Policy Statement

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Our strategy is to be our customer’s first choice in Intermodal Logistics and Heavy Haul solutions always operating with industry-leading levels of safety, sustainability, reliability, customer service and being a great place to work.

Within G&W UK companies, we take our environmental responsibilities seriously and recognise the importance of environmental sustainability to our business and the pivotal role in ensuring the UK economy can decarbonise. We are committed to business practices which protect and enhance the environment, seek new and innovative ways to improve our environmental sustainability performance and meet the needs of our customers, supply chain and the communities where we operate.

We are committed to:

• Consider environmental sustainability in our decision making and enable a sustainable thinking culture.
• Actively work to prevent, mitigate, and remedy pollution which may result from our activities.
• Have a defined science-based pathway for decreasing our emissions of greenhouse gases.
• Identifying our environmental risks, including climate change and implement mitigation measures to reduce their impact.
• Engage and work with government, trade bodies and wider stakeholders to help develop and deliver more effective policies and targets.
• Consider the whole value of environmental costs and benefits by use of resources more efficiently through good design, use of sustainable materials, responsible refurbishment, recovery, and recycling.
• Protect biodiversity and seek ways to enhance the natural value of our land for the benefit of local communities and/or the environment.
• Ensure our employees have the training, skills, knowledge, and resources to meet our environmental sustainability commitments.
• Engage and collaborate with our valve chain to influence change.
• Provide reasonable support to industry initiatives to improve environmental performance contribute to a sustainable railway.
• Reduce the risk of environmental incidents and fulfil our compliance obligations.
• Continual improvement of our environmental management system in light of new technologies and best practices to enhance environmental sustainability performance.

The G&W UK Executive Team is responsible for this policy and its implementation. We commit to providing the relevant resource, reviewing this policy on two-yearly basis and communicating it within the organisation and to external interested parties.

August 2023

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