Freightliner is recruiting qualified train drivers

A new locomotive vehicle maintenance facility

In 2016, Freightliner built a new locomotive vehicle maintenance facility at their existing site in Crewe to bring the maintenance of their fleet of Class 86 and 90 vehicles in-house.

A challenging deadline

Having previously worked with Unipart Rail, Freightliner sought Unipart’s support in developing a proposition that would completely outsource the supply chain operations for the new depot and enable it to be fully operational within a challenging nine-month deadline.

Starting the project with a joint vision of creating a new approach to optimising maintenance operations, Freightliner’s management team was able to focus on the logistics and operational issues of creating the vehicle maintenance facility. Unipart Rail was able to concentrate on sourcing, planning, controlling and supplying over 700 parts to the line-side locations of the Freightliner maintenance technicians.

Apart from having a thoroughly successful operation from the ground up in less than a year, the SmartServe solution has delivered demonstrable cost savings, more productive staff who are able to focus on repair work rather than tracking down parts, ready availability of tools and parts providing a more efficient maintenance service, and availability of locos maintained to the highest levels.

The success of SmartServe was recognised across the industry and the project won the award for ‘Most Innovative Company of the Year’ at the Freight Transport Association (FTA) Logistics Awards 2017.

“The way in which the teams from Unipart Rail and Freightliner work together in the true spirit of collaboration meant that many new, innovative ideas were discussed and implemented quickly and effectively. This spirit is reflected now in the day-to-day operation of the facility and it is good to see how all of our staff have embraced these new ways of working rather than the traditional arms-length relationship between supplier and customer.”

Karen Beardsley, Managing Director, Supply Chain Solutions, Unipart Rail