Freightliner is recruiting qualified train drivers

Supporting a value-for-money retailer

Peacock’s Penny Bazaars was established in 1884 in Warrington, Cheshire, then in 1940, the business moved to its current home in Cardiff. During the following years, Peacocks continued to establish itself as a value-for-money retailer.

A dependable logistics partner

From the mid-1990s onward Peacocks experienced significant development and growth with a greater emphasis on fashion. In 2012, Peacocks was purchased by the EWM Group which has propelled the brand to even greater success in today’s market.

Vital in Peacock’s success is the availability of its products, which is where the importance of a dependable logistics partner comes in.

Each year over 2,000 containers full of clothes and accessories are transported on Peacock’s daily train service, operated by Freightliner, which runs directly from the Port of Southampton and arrives at Cardiff under four hours later.

Reducing their carbon footprint

Today the major Peacock’s distribution centre remains in South Wales and employs around 600 people. It is served by containers arriving from around the globe by the efficient and reliable Freightliner container trains from Southampton via its Cardiff terminal.

This daily service enables businesses like Peacocks to locate their major distribution centres near to the rail hub, knowing that the service is not only reliable, but is producing 76% less carbon than the equivalent moves by road.

 “We have been working in partnership with Freightliner for many years, utilising their rail service to Cardiff. The service offered by Freightliner is very reliable and this enables us to plan the deliveries to our distribution centre efficiently, whilst at the same time knowing that we are reducing the carbon footprint of our logistics chain.”

Adam Foskett, Head of Sourcing at Peacocks