Freightliner is now recruiting trainee shunt drivers in Tunstead

Guaranteed rail wagon capacity

In 2018, Ocean Network Express (ONE) and Freightliner signed a contract ensuring guaranteed rail wagon capacity on the main intermodal routes in the United Kingdom.

Reducing greenhouse gasses

By switching from road to rail, the contract saw 118,320 road miles per day removed from UK roads, reducing greenhouse gasses by 67% in comparison to traditional road transport. In addition, ONE saves 180 tons of CO2 per day on inland transport, representing a 13% increase compared to when the three Japanese shipping companies – MOL, NYK and K-Line – were operating independently of each other.

Prior to becoming ONE, the three Japanese lines were satisfied with Freightliner as a reliable rail partner, guaranteeing capacity, safe transport and an excellent service level whilst reducing the carbon footprint.

“With our valued partners, Freightliner and Pentalver, we will continue to deliver to our UK customers and we look forward to growing a greener future.”

Dave Elsom, Director UK Ocean Network Express (Europe)

Now operating as ONE, they continue to support their customers’ supply chain and strengthen their international competitiveness as well as being the green choice in logistics through collaborations such as the Freightliner partnership.

Pentalver also provide ONE with terminal services in Southampton, London Gateway and Cannock including their M&R, reefer repairs and container storage. Between 400-600 jobs are completed between Southampton and Cannock on the road per week.

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