Freightliner is now recruiting trainee shunt drivers in Tunstead


Train Driver Careers

Freightliner is a leading Rail Freight operator and the largest haulier of maritime transport containers in the UK, transporting over 700,000 containers every year. Essential to maintaining our success, is our dedicated team of Train Drivers, who ensure our trains run safely, reliably and punctually.

That is why we employ the best in the industry – those who show the determination, can-do attitude and levels of safety and integrity that we expect from our employees.

We have a highly respected and experienced team within the UK rail industry, from Train Drivers to Ground Staff, and from Managers to Control Team colleagues, every member of the Freightliner family works together for success.

We continue to invest in cutting-edge technology, facilities and rolling stock, ensuring our new and existing Train Drivers can flourish in a safe and innovative environment. We are constantly expanding and upgrading to further our capabilities as a company. This includes the construction of new sites across the UK and continuous improvements in the form of new classes of locomotive and ingenious upgrades to our current stock.

We know that a strong future is a sustainable future. That is why, at Freightliner, we always seek to minimise our footprint on the environment and the communities we work in. With each freight train removing up to 76 lorries from our busy roads, we play an important role in helping to reduce road congestion.

Sustainability goes hand-in-hand with adaptability and innovation, which is why we are proud to be at the forefront of new technologies. Every Train Driver receives their own personal smart devices to ensure their safety and enable instant communication. Not only this, but we have streamlined our processes and introduced cutting-edge applications to make life easier for our frontline staff.

To make history requires an outstanding team, which we are proud to say we have curated over the last 50+ years of operation. At Freightliner, we value every employee and our dedicated Learning and Development Team offer training and career development opportunities which enable staff to reach their personal and professional goals. We support our people, because an engaged workforce is integral to our future growth and business success.

Train Driver JOBS

So where do you fit in?

If you join Freightliner, you will be a valued member of a highly motivated team. Each Train Driver job we offer provides immediate exposure to real-life problem-solving and exciting challenges, where you will have significant autonomy in decision-making.

Perhaps most importantly of all, you will be working in a safe, supportive environment with a friendly, diverse team to offer you encouragement and guidance every step of the way.


Train Driver Roles

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WORK 180

Endorsed Employer for Women

Freightliner is proud to partner with WORK180 as an Endorsed Employer for Women.

Read about how Heather Waugh is challenging perceptions as a woman freight train driver here.

“My only regret is that I never considered the freight world sooner, and that was all based on false perceptions!”

Staff Testimonials

Our Train Drivers

Portrait of Heather Waugh

Heather Waugh

Train Driver, Intermodal

Freightliner have a brand and a corporate identity to match any train operator in the country. On my first day I had my full uniform including all safety equipment, alongside my company iPad and phone. My training has been delivered by experienced professionals throughout, and I’m so pleased I made the switch from passenger to freight! I have more time off than I’ve had at any other stage in my career which means I have the time and energy to follow up on interests, hobbies, friends and family. This was always such a struggle before. Even better, my time at work is filled with more routes and more traction – this variety keeps things fresh and interesting!

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