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With more than 400 Truck Drivers based at more than twenty locations across the UK, Freightliner and Pentalver’s combined road services offering is leading the way in the logistics industry.

Vital to our award-winning operations is our dedicated team spread nationwide, who ensure safety, reliability, and high levels of customer service.

That is why we employ those who show the can-do attitude and levels of safety and integrity that we expect from our employees. We have a highly respected and experienced team within the UK logistics industry, from Transport Managers to Driver Trainers, and from administrators to Truck Drivers, every member of the G&W family works together for success.

Providing the most up-to-date technology ensures our new and existing talent can flourish in a safe and innovative environment. We are constantly expanding and upgrading to further our capabilities as a company, and this includes with the construction of new sites across the UK and continuous improvements in the way of new applications, software and processes to make our employees’ lives easier.

We know that a strong future is a sustainable future. That is why, at G&W, we always seek to minimise our footprint on the environment and the communities we work in. Every truck meets Euro 6 emission standards and our Driver Training Academy has dedicated courses aimed at teaching eco-friendly driving and best practises.

To make history requires an outstanding team, which we are proud to say we have curated over the last 100+ years of operation. At G&W, we value every employee – and with more than 3000 employees, that’s no mean feat. However, our dedicated Learning and Development Team offer training and development opportunities to enable staff to reach their personal and professional goals. We support our people, because without you, there is no us.

To show our commitment to you we offer competitive pay, outstanding pension schemes with sizeable employer contributions, employee benefits and a dedicated support line which offers free, confidential counselling and guidance to employees and their families.

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So where do you fit in?

If you join G&W, you will not just be a number. You will be working in a safe, supportive environment with a friendly, diverse team to offer you encouragement and guidance every step of the way.

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Staff Testimonials

Our road logistics staff

Graeme Knaggs

Graeme Knaggs

Driver Supervisor, G&W UK/Europe Region

I joined Freightliner in 2001 as an LGV Class 1 Driver and after the transition to our ‘Road, Rail, Terminals’ structure in 2018, I was offered the opportunity to train as a Driver Supervisor for G&W UK. I decided to take the opportunity and I see it as giving back to the industry which has given me and my family a good living. Through the G&W Driver Training Academy I was tested to IAM Examiner standard to enable me to deliver training in the Leeds and Doncaster area. I’m really glad I took the step.

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