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Engineering careers at Freightliner

Freightliner is a leading Rail Freight operator and the largest haulier of maritime transport containers in the UK, transporting over 700,000 containers every year. Essential to maintaining our success is the effective and efficient maintenance of our locomotive and wagon fleet to ensure safety, reliability, and punctuality.

That is why we employ the doers, the thinkers and the perfectionists of their trade. We have a highly respected and leading engineering team within the UK rail industry, and as part of a global operation, an engineering role within Freightliner can also offer you the potential to gain experience on an international scale.

Providing state-of-the-art facilities ensures our new and existing engineering talent can flourish in a safe environment whilst using the most advanced technologies. We are constantly expanding and upgrading to further our engineering capabilities as a company, and this includes the construction of new sites across the UK. One of which will be based in Ipswich, the first of its kind in this area of the country. There, a motivated and talented engineering team will help ensure the continued running of our ever-growing services across the South of England.

We know that a strong future is a sustainable future. That is why, at Freightliner, we always seek to minimise our footprint on the environment and the communities we work in. With each freight train removing up to 76 lorries from our busy roads, we play an important role in helping to reduce road congestion.

Sustainability goes hand-in-hand with adaptability and innovation, which is why we are proud to be at the forefront of new technologies, having designed and developed over 15 new wagon types and one new locomotive in the last 15 years. The competitive commercial environment and the backing from our world renowned parent company means investment in new talent and staff development is a priority.

To make history requires an outstanding team, which we are proud to say we have curated over the last 50+ years of operation. At Freightliner, we have the highest concentration of chartered engineers in the UK freight operating industry, and we continuously invest in training and learning and development opportunities for new and current engineering staff.

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How to become an Engineer at Freightliner

If you join Freightliner as an engineer, you will not just be a number. Each role we offer provides immediate exposure to real-life problem-solving and exciting challenges, where you will have significant autonomy in decision-making. Perhaps most importantly of all, you will be working in a safe, supportive environment with a friendly, diverse team to offer you encouragement and guidance every step of the way.

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Our Rail Engineers

Portrait of Terri-Ann Westerman

Terri-Ann Westerman

Mechanical and Electrical Fitter, Freightliner

When I started in engineering it was a ‘man’s world’, but at Freightliner, I’m part of a diverse workforce which looks out for each other. Ultimately, I’m challenged every day and it’s the responsibility I’m given which keeps my role interesting. No matter the task, I feel safe and supported when I come to work.

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