Attracting highly skilled and diverse talent to our business is a fundamental and ongoing priority. We are committed to investing in ongoing comprehensive Diversity & Inclusion activities and are starting to reap the benefits of this focus across all areas of the business.

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Attracting highly skilled and diverse talent to our business is a fundamental and ongoing priority. We are starting to reap the benefits of focusing on D&I, some of our initiatives include:

- Being an active member of WORK 180 as an Endorsed Employer for Women. This has enabled us to encourage more women into roles at our organisation whilst ensuring pay equity, flexible working, opportunities for leadership roles and paid parental leave.

- Annually celebrating International Women's Day where colleagues come together in celebration of women in the rail and logistics industry.

- The formation of a female driver forum, chaired by a female train driver, aimed at identifying, voicing and addressing challenges that impact women in the workplace. Discussions are fed back to our Executive Team to prioritise issues for action and improvement.

- Launching a menopause policy and working with Occupational Health to further support initiatives for both women and their partners.

Our partnership with WORK 180, events such as the Women in Rail Awards, the Big Logistics Diversity Challenge and the rollout of Diversity & Inclusion training in 2023 means that we are making a difference in ensuring that everyone in the company is valued, heard, respected, empowered, and feels a true sense of belonging.

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We continue to have a sharp focus on developing an organisational culture that both values diversity and ensures our people are engaged in meaningful and challenging work. We want our people to work for an organisation where they have the right skills to do their job productively, efficiently and continually build their skills base. We are our proud that our female board representation has increased by a third over the past two years. In order to achieve this, we are:

- Ensuring our selection process attracts the best people for available roles.

- Identifying strategies that enable the organisation to retain the right people and grow their capabilities further.

- Ensuring greater diversity across the workforce and ensuring the best candidates are appointed.

- Identifying high potential and supporting our people to achieve.

- Supporting new staff through a comprehensive induction process that makes them feel part of a great organisation from the outset.

- Aligning individual performance and development plans for our people to grow and attain new skills whilst taking responsibility for their own self development.

- Designing development programmes to create agile leaders that are fit for the future and developing our future leaders for effective succession planning.

Our key messaging remains consistent across the business about our strategy and the direction of the company. This allows for our people to feel included and that they belong within the organisation.


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