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Freightliner Poland wagons full of aggregate.

G&W Europe

Freightliner PL

Freightliner PL is a company engaged in the carriage of goods by rail in Poland and in neighbouring countries, belonging to Genesse & Wyoming Inc. - an American company of the railway transport industry, which is present on four continents.

Freightliner Germany loco moving heavy haul product.

G&W Europe

Freightliner DE

Freightliner DE is based in Berlin and possesses a licence for freight and passenger train operations throughout Germany, as well as the federal safety certificates part one and part two. With our highly motivated staff both in operations and management, we are fueling the highest expectations regarding reliability, safety and efficiency.

Freightliner DE creates tailor-made solutions for each of our client's individual needs. Due to our high level of experience and our operational fleet, we are able to run on either side of the German-Polish border. This allows us to offer attractive solutions for cross-border freight traffic on rail, even as far as the standard-gauge track leads into Belarus and Ukraine.

Rotterdam Rail Feeding loco moving bulk products.

G&W Europe

Rotterdam Rail Feeding

Rotterdam Rail Feeding (RRF) is a railroad company specialising in high quality short line rail services. Our highly flexible and skilled employees are one of our biggest strengths. With our dedicated locomotives equipped with the required safety systems we operate in the Netherlands and Germany. Due to our unique strategy, we have become the leading independent rail service provider in the Port of Rotterdam and on the main corridors towards the German and Belgium borders.

RRF is part of Genesse & Wyoming Inc. - G&W owns or leases more than 120 freight railroads worldwide that are organised in 10 operating regions with over 7,000 employees and more than 2,500 customers. G&W's Europe Region is led by Freightliner, the UK's largest rail maritime intermodal operator and second largest rail freight company. Operations also include heavy-haul in Poland and Germany and cross-border intermodal services connecting the major European seaports with key industrial regions throughout the continent.