Freightliner Limited locomotives

Freightliners’ ever expanding fleet of locomotives is constantly growing.

PowerHaul Locomotive

Description: Locomotive introduced by Freightliner in 2009
Weight (Tons): 129
Maximum Speed (MPH): 75mph
Haulage Capacity:
Operation subsidiary: Freightliner Limited, Freightliner Heavy Haul

The 129-ton PowerHaul locomotive is designed to generate more horsepower and tractive effort while lowering fuel consumption and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions than locomotives currently in use. The locomotive features several leading technologies to achieve this performance including the new V16-cylinder, twin-turbo PowerHaul engine  a product of ecomaginationSM. Ecomagination is a GE-wide initiative to help meet customer demand for more energy-efficient products. The PowerHaul engine meets European Union stage IIIa emissions for traction engines. However, the engine is well below the band and produces less NOx, hydrocarbons, and particulates than its competitors. Based on the current fleets and power generation, the PowerHaul locomotive emits less carbon per gross-tonne mile moved than electric locomotives - making it greener all round, and in excess of 10 times better than its road equivalent. GE’s unique AC individual-axle traction-control technology enables the PowerHauls to haul heavier loads by significantly reducing slippage on start-ups, inclines and suboptimal track conditions. The PowerHauls also features dynamic braking which reuses wasted energy by driving auxiliary loads. The dual air-conditioned, low-noise operator cabs were designed with input from the operators for comfort and maximum efficiency. The cabs embody a well-organised, clean- and-neat European style featuring easy-to-read gauges and an unobstructed front-windscreen for a clear track view.

PowerHaul locomotives can also haul more containers per service, further improving rail’s efficiency, as demonstrated by the first 30 (standard) wagon services in 2009 from Felixstowe to Birmingham – 6 wagons more than the standard 24 wagon services. Just one 30 wagon return service takes 120 lorries of the UK’s congested roads.

  • Weight (Tons): 129
  • Maximum Speed (MPH): 75 mph  
  • Operation subsidiary: Freightliner Limited, Freightliner Heavy Haul Limited

Class 66 Locomotive

  • Description: 3300hp mainline diesel locomotive introduced in 1998.
  • Weight (Tons): 127
  • Fuel Capacity (Gallons): 1496
  • Maximum Speed (MPH): 75mph
  • Hauling Capacity (Tons): 1800
  • Operation subsidiary: Freightliner Limited, Freightliner Heavy Haul Limited, Freightliner Poland

Class 86 Locomotive

  • Description: 3600hp electric locomotive introduced during the 1960's
  • Weight (Tons): 80
  • Maximum Speed (MPH): 75mph
  • Hauling Capacity: Up to 1800 tons when in multiple
  • Operation subsidiary: Freightliner Limited

Class 90 Locomotive

  • Description: 4500hp electric locomotive introduced in 1980.
  • Weight (Tons): 84
  • Maximum Speed (MPH): 75mph (freight) or 110mph (passenger)
  • Hauling Capacity: Up to 1800 tons when in multiple.
  • Operation subsidiary: Freightliner Limited

Class 08 Locomotive

  • Description: 350hp shunting locomotive for yard use only. Introduced during the late 1950's and the 1960's.
  • Weight (Tons): 49
  • Fuel Capacity (Gallons): 668
  • Maximum Speed (MPH): 15mph
  • Operation subsidiary: Freightliner Limited

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